How I Help?


I enjoy stewarding the wealth of affluent families as a mentor in the formation, operation & governance of family wealth businesses and the management of their clients’ capital.

The concept of stewardship dates back to ancient times where the role of a steward was to guard what was entrusted to their care by making wise decisions & protecting from harm. Almost every business concern had a steward who served like a chief operating officer running the daily affairs of the master of the house.

In current times, effective stewardship adopts a set of professional principles that governs a family wealth business and the capital of its clients by eliminating the greatest dangers, capturing the largest opportunities, and maximizing the biggest strengths.

Why I Help?

Financial Peace Of Mind

Although our modern, global society can be unpredictable, the adoption of sound stewardship practices can provide financial peace of mind to family wealth businesses, their employees and their affluent clients. When people have peace of mind, I believe they can truly be their authentic selves and live the lives that they were destined to live with purpose.